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Jazz'n'Blues Review

20/06/2017 - piazza Marconi, h 21
28/06/2017 - piazza Carducci, h 21
04/07/2017 - piazza Nember, h 21
18/07/2017 - piazza Mazzini, h 21
01/08/2017 - piazza Torino, h 21
08/08/2017 - Passarella, h 21
21/08/2017 - piazza Manzoni, h 21
04/09/2017 - piazza Casabianca, h 21

Basketball International Tournament

08/09 / 2017-09 / 09/2017 Pala Cornaro
Two Matches on the Day starting at 18.15 and 20.30 respectively
The Tournament is organized by EDSport and AMC Events and Communication with the sponsorship of the City of Jesolo and FIP Veneto and the collaboration of the Basket Club Jesolo.

Jesolo Blues

Back to the music festival in the coast of Jesolo
07/06/2017 - piazza Mazzini, h 21
15/06/2017 - piazza Casabianca, h 21
21/06/2017 - piazza Marina, h 21
28/06/2017 - piazza Torino, h 21
05/07/2017 - piazza Rivo Alto, h 21
11/07/2017 - piazza Nember, h 21
19/07/2017 - piazza Marina, h 21
25/07/2017 - piazza Nember, h 21
09/08/2017 - piazza Milano, h 21
23/08/2017 - piazza Manzoni, h 21
30/08/2017 - piazza Torino, h 21
06/09/2017 - piazza Carducci, h 21

Aurora Wind Band in Concert

29/08/2017 Piazza Aurora, h 21

Master European Championships 2019 Athletics

The province of Venice will host the European Championships 2019 Masters Athletics. Good news comes by the general EMA (European Masters Athletics), held March 31, 2016 in Ancona. It will be the 21st edition of the continental event dedicated to the "over 35" and will involve Jesolo (Armando Picchi stadium), Caorle (stage Giovanni Chiggiato) and Eraclea (Municipal Stadium) for all track competitions from 5 to 15 September 2019

Prize Concert Sound Waves

Performance of the International Music Competition winners 08/03/2017 Modern Square Aurora, h 21

Majorettes Onda Azzurra Parades

07/06/2017 - Piazza Casabianca-Piazza Marconi - h 21
19/07/2017 - Piazza Marconi-Piazza Casabianca- h 21
30/08/2017 - Piazza Casabianca-Piazza Marconi- h 21

16° Grand Prix city of Jesolo


Spritz & Flowers

30/07/2017 Piazzetta Casa Bianca

Concerts of Band Bacco X Bacco

04/06/2017 - Piazza Mazzini - h. 21
16/06/2017 - Piazza Milano - h. 21
13/07/2017 - Piazza Nember - h. 21
01/08/2017 - Piazza Aurora - h. 21
22/08/2017 - Piazza Torino - h. 21
31/08/2017 - Piazza Manzoni - h. 21
05/09/2017 - Piazza Marconi - h. 21

Jesolo Air Show 2017

The most anticipated aviation event of the year that attracts more than half a million spectators on our beach. For three hours with the nose up to admire the aircraft of the Italian Military Air Force and other foreign aviation forces including, unpublished and welcome guest, the Spanish Acrobatic Patrol "Patrulla Aguila", which for the first time will perform on the sky of Jesolo.

VIII Interregional Festival of Bands and Majorettes

Two hours of music and entertainment 22/07/2017 Piazza Aurora, 20.30

Full Moon DJ Festival 2017

Lighthouse Beach, Saturday, July 1, 2017

Daytona Beach

Faro Beach - h. 14
2 days of off-road show and not just

Harmony Brass Quartet & Friends

21/07/2017 Piazza Aurora, h 21

Jesolo DJ Superstar

Lighthouse Beach, Saturday, August 5, 2017

The time Machine

05/08/2017 Piazza Milano, h 21

Concerts English Bands

Two bands liven up the squares of Jesolo
14/07/2017 - St Mary’s College Crosby - piazza Torino, h 21
24/08/2017 - Farnham Music and Drama 30 - piazza Milano, h 21
25/08/2017 - Farnham Music and Drama 30 - piazza Manzoni, h 21
24/08/2017 - Farnham Music and Drama 30 - piazza Torino, h 21

Random a casual party

Lighthouse Beach, Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cronosquadre 6xAndrea

Chronos for teams of six runners
17/09/2017 Piazza Mazzini, h 8.30

Jesolo Dance Festival

08/07/2017-15/07/2017 Piazza Aurora - h 21

Football Exhibition

From 15th April, come and visit "Calcio in Mostra", the international exhibition sponsored by the Municipality of Jesolo and organised exclusively by the promoting company, Venice Exhibition srl. The event will showcase more than 200 pieces of footballing history memorabilia in the 1500 square metres of the exhibition centre in Via Aquileia 123, opposite the Pala Arrex near Piazza Brescia. The special guest joining for the inauguration of the exhibition is Ruud Gullit, while the local player of the exhibition is Alessandro del Piero.
Timetable: open all days from 10am to 6pm until June.
Prices: adults €12 - reduced €10 - Children (4-14 years of age) €8 - Children up to 3 years of age and disabled people who are not self-sufficient can enter free of charge.
You can combine this ticket with entry to the "Tropicarium Park".

Maracanà Brazilian Celebration

Piazza Rivo Alto

Miss Venice Beach

6° Edition Miss Venice Beach 07/07/2017 Piazza Milano - h 20.30

Festival Show

Piazza Torino, h 21

Regional Championship for Athletics Companies

16/09/2017-17/09/2017 Stadio Picchi

Fish Festivals 2017

The fish is the star of the traditional Fish Festivals 2017 organized by the Polisportiva of Cortellazzo at the Sports Center.
In a festive atmosphere, with music and dance, you can taste local cuisine and wines, starting from 18.30.

Miss Sole Beauty Contest

Piazza Manzoni, h 21

28th Festival of Swedish bands

Performances, shows and concerts in various squares of Jesolo
The 28th Festival of Swedish bands colors and animate the evenings at the Lido di Jesolo 2 from Sunday to Friday, July 7, 2017. The event brings together music in our seaside town wind bands from Sweden, who perform along via Bafile and squares. The festival is organized in a week-long stay of the groups that have the opportunity to perform every night on a different stage in various areas of the city, while the last night of the meeting, gather for a great show together in bands and pay tribute Italy performing together our most famous arias.

Orfeo in Italy

International singing and dance Festival
09/09/2017-15/09/2017 Piazza Aurora, h 20.30

Historical Parade Veneziano

Friday, June 30, 2017 at 20 the Historical Association Identity 16th Regiment Treviso 1797 Serene Republic of San Marco performs in a historical parade Veneziano from Piazza Mazzini Piazza Aurora. In the square is the presentation of the regiment with volleys of rifle and artillery.

Fire Festival

Arenile Piazza Brescia, h. 23

Parade Fanfare Bersaglieri L. Pellas

Thursday, June 29: Piazza Brescia - Piazza Mazzini, 21 h
Monday, July 17: Nember square - Piazza Aurora, h 21
Wednesday, August 2: Piazza Torino - piazza Milano, 21 h

Ligerman Triathlon Festival 2017

23/09/2017-24/09/2017 Piazzetta del Faro

Parades Majorettes Magic Stars

Folklore made in Jesolo
28/06/2017 - via dei Mille-piazza Marina - h 21
26/07/2017 - piazza Carducci-piazza Manzoni - h 21

Aquarius Choir

Piazza Aurora, h 21

SBG Run Jesolo

no purpose race racing 25.06.2017 Meeting at the Parco Ca 'Silis - 8:30 am

Festival delle Tegnùe: Sea Films Festival

Piazza Aurora, h 21
The coast of Jesolo is characterised by the presence of some of those small reefs – Venetian characteristic in the Mediterranean Sea scenario – called Tegnùe: real treasures of biodiversity, they are the habitat of many sea animal and flora species that make it an irreplaceable “lung” of life for the entire Upper Adriatic Sea.

Feast of the Patron Saint John in 2017

24/06/2017 Centro storico

Jesolo books 2017

Cultural Review 28/06 / 82017-30 / 08/2017 Every Wednesday, Drago Square.

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